Annual Club Letter

2017 Pe Ell Sportsmen’s Club Letter

A few things will be changing for this year. Jim Henderson will be helping as

acting range officer. He is retired and volunteered for the job. As for new

members, they will be required to have an orientation at the range before

becoming members. Seems like we are having a few problems with what not to

do. This was probably my fault for not having rules posted good. We are going to

try to have a board with the rules on it in the building. If this doesn’t fix the

problem, then next year everybody will be required to have an orientation at the

range. I do not want to have to do this!!!!!!!!


We also had a conflict between some members this year. Things got a little too

hot between them. If some confronts someone on doing something wrong, we

need to keep it calm. Whether you doing something wrong or it was a

misunderstanding. Talk it out peacefully. We can’t have firearms and hot

tempered people in an argument. This could lead to a big problem, and law

enforcement will get involved.


GUESTS AT THE RANGE. A guest is a person that is from out of town or relatives

that are here for a visit. FAMILY IS, kids living at home with parents. If you bring

out a person to see the range, that is fine. But it better be once. Having a family

member or a hunting buddy to have a membership and you tag along, not

allowed. This is the problem. Our membership is cheap. People show up in new

automobiles and high dollar firearms shoot all day, but don’t want to pay $30 for

a membership. That is pretty sad. There are people in other areas that would be

glad to have a range like ours to use for $30 per year.


Don’t be surprised if you are asked to show your membership card this year. Its

nothing personal, most clubs require members to display there membership cards

while at the range. Any problems or questions let me know.