2020 Club Letter

I never did a letter last year, so I decided to do one this year. We had a few minor issues we need to address.

It seems like the closer we get to hunting season the more stuff happens. We are still having some issues with people putting stuff on our rails at 40 to 100 meters. Remember they are for 22 rimfire, if you have 22 rimfire metal targets that is what rail is for.

This year I am going to do a experiment. I am going to set out some 22 rimfire swingers out on our rails. They are for 22 rimfire only no 17 hmr’s. And we are going to put up more swinger to shoot with highpower rifle and well.

Any target from 100 yards out to 500 that is the shape of a animal is for non magnums, including .223 and jacketed bullets. Any other shaped targets are for everything else.

As I started above this is a experiment, if we are getting holes shot through them well be checking the door codes. And if that don’t work we will take them down.