2021 Range Letter

We had a pretty good year. Not too many problems, but we had a few. In the next year or whenever the State is planning on logging there timber. So we will have to work around that if it happens.

Starting this year the range will be closed on Mondays. Authorized personal only can use the range. This way we can get things done without problems.

I still see some clay targets scattered on our berms. We don’t want them shot at our range. I also seen someone shot some holes through my new uprights at 100 meters. Rimfire at rails only.

My 22 caliber rimfire swinger experiment has had mixed results. A lot if people like shooting them. I do not want to take them down. We have had holes shot through them. I did have one person contact me saying his son shot one by mistake. That was great that he let me know.

We trying to put up more swingers. REMEMBER, swingers shaped like animals are for non magnums. Any other swingers are ok for magnums.

Please keep the door closed, if something goes wrong I will be calling everybody that coded the door open. So if door is open anybody can just walk in.