Range Rules

1. No shooting of any type of firearms at any of the rails. That is the double stacked painted rails or the ones up range. They are for Smallbore and Highpower and black powder matches only!!!!!!!

2. When putting targets down range be sure of what is behind the target. Some people are still putting targets in front of the rails, which causes a lot of damage to them.

3. The targets we have up range locked up and for a reason. They are for match use only. Somebody keeps trying to get them out, breaking locks or whatever they can do.

4. The wood platforms up range are for walking on not hanging targets on. People have been stapling targets on the posts holding the platforms up, and they are getting shot up.

5. We are getting a lot of cardboard left at the range. Makes a mess and we have to deal with it. So if you bring it please take it home.

6. Any type of full metal jacket or armored bullets, are only to be shot at paper.

7. When you go down range make sure to turn light on. And while people are down range rifles should be left alone, not handled. Best solution is to remove off the bench until line is safe to shoot. Person that turns light on is responsible to make sure everybody is back and then reopen line for shooting.

8. Actions should always be open, until they are on bench ready to shoot. Muzzles should always be pointed up while handling them in the building or even outside.

9. We need to try to shoot pistols at the far right end of the building. This should keep bullets away from the rails.

10. With the big magnum craze we have now, we are getting things shot up bad. So we need to shoot them from 400 yards out to 500 on the metal. We will try to get something to hold up to them soon.

11. We are getting people putting out firewood out front and shooting it until it’s completely blown up. It makes a mess. This isn’t a rock pit. It’s a rifle range. If you are here to just shoot holes in the lawn, you need to go back to the rock pit shooting. This will not be allowed here.

12. With all the AR style rifles today, you need to make sure your brass isn’t hitting anybody. It is hot and will most likely cause a problem. Be aware of where your brass is going.

13. We need to keep the door closed. If something happens, I look at the door entries and make calls. So if door is open I have no way to figure out the problem, then it looks like you where the problem.

The most important point I would like to make is we all need to make sure safety is first and most important thing we keep in mind while at the range. If you see someone not being safe let me know the time and date when it happened and maybe a license plate number. Or if you are comfortable with handling it, do it.